LESC BHCC Announces New Partner Portal

May 13, 2019

LESC BHCC is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Partner Portal, a private website designed to support the BHCC’s growing network of New York-based behavioral health and physical health care providers.

The new Partner Portal contains essential information and tools to help the LESC BHCC succeed at coordinating care, quantifying results, and working toward becoming an Independent Practice Association (IPA) and participating in Value Based Payment (VBP) programs.

Features of the site include committee meeting schedules and minutes, interactive calendar, easily searchable contact lists, announcements, news alerts, FAQs, policy and procedure documents, and more.

Not only will the Partner Portal help LESC BHCC members share their insights and expertise, it will also make it easier for them to:

  • Keep track of meetings and training sessions
  • Contact other LESC BHCC partners and organizations
  • Find answers to questions about the Value Based Readiness Program
  • Access important LESC BHCC policies and procedures
  • Organize internal LESC BHCC documents and submissions
  • Stay up to date on news, events, and resources

The LESC BHCC will provide a login for each partners’ committee members and other participating staff to enable personalized portal access. Partners can access the Partner Portal at BHCCPartners.LESC.org, or by clicking on the Partner Portal link at the bottom of the BHCC.LESC.org website.